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Godskill - The Gatherer Of Fear And Blood

Godskill - The Gatherer Of Fear And Blood

Label : MDD Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : Godskill is another band that revives death metal from the nineties. That started on their first full album 'The Forthcoming'. A raw base of bass guitar and drums, often mid-tempo, with above it a melodic guitar line and a nice deep grunt. The guitar riff is definitely at the center of this album, together with the flowing solos by guitarist Timo Schutz. Occasionally they are thinking a bit outside of the box because in 'Ungodly Is The Flesh' the female vocals contrast very well with the raw grunt. Furthermore, 'The Gatherer Of Fear And Blood' is a decent album, which does not mean it gets boring. In this case it means that a great deal of attention has been paid to writing memorable songs with tasty riffs that linger and songs that will set you in motion in a live setting. The entire sound is, however, kept light and does not have the suffocating effect that some productions have nowadays. Godskill is no longer a rookie in the scene and shows with this album that they are here to stay. 'Preliminary Invocation' and 'Becoming A God' finish this album in style with another excellent riff and although this album only has eight tracks, it's eight excellent tracks, what else do you want. Reward this sympathetic band with a visit during a live performance, that can hardly turn out to be disappointing.

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