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Festerday - Cadaveric Virginity

Festerday - Cadaveric Virginity

Label : Season Of Mist | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Mini-CD

Berto : Festerday is a Finnish death metal band that has taken their band name from a song by Carcass, which immediately indicates a little bit of the sound of the band. Old school death metal, with the roaring guitar sound of Entombed and Dismember. Two tracks that are a taste of the upcoming full album through Season Of Mist somewhere in 2019. Once started in 1991, the band made some demos and EPs, including a split with Carnifex in 1992. In 1993 the band stopped and fors ome reason has now started again. 'The One Who Strangles Stars And Suns' is a roaring metal song that clearly shows the influences of Entombed, but also has some edges of punk and black metal. Alternating from slow to up tempo this is a nice taster for the upcoming album. 'Let The Sun Vomit Its Beams Upon Your Cold Swollen Skin' is the other song on this EP and it takes longer to read the title than the song lasts, because we will not get any further than 1:11. The short track is at least the same sound and I'm certainly curious about the full album, if only to get a clearer picture of the band.

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