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Faanjefjell - Dovrefall

Faanjefjell - Dovrefall

Label : Mighty Music | Archive under pagan / folk metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : Faanefjell is a Norwegian band that loves stories from Norse culture about trolls and dwarfs. Their second album Dovrefall is a continuation of the musical direction that they have started on the debut 'Trollmarsj'. This is symphonic black/ folk metal, but do not expect traditional black metal screams or manic drumming. The vocals are rather a slight death metal grunt and the drumming can seem a bit manic at times, but is clearly more in the service of the song and does not attract attention especially to itself. The keyboards are kept to a minimum, here again everything is in service of the song and they only have a supporting role. So what does stand out on this album, something that can make Faanefjell rise above average? The melody lines that are performed on guitar are wonderfully fluid and are also placed in your skull for a long time. There is a slight repetition of themes which certainly benefits the recognisability. Unfortunately not all songs are equally strong, a song like 'Vindstille' passes by silently. The following 'Murua Vel' has again a nice riff and melody line. The whole album is composed, fortunately more good than average songs, but in order to rise above mediocrity with 'Dovrefall' I think it needed something more.

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