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Dead Witches - Ouija

Dead Witches - Ouija

Label : Heavy Psych Sounds | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : Dead Witches has everything. Everything that makes you want to become part of their mysteriously delicious world of lonely, moonlit graveyards, and become baptized in the kind of twilight that will not let you go again. From Mark Greening's (ex Electric Wizard) rolling drums through the awesome fuzz riffs, to the sensual vocals of Virginia Monti. And even those are distorted so that the end result is a sound so sexy that it cannot be legal. The journey naturally starts with 'Intro', that appears to be nothing more than some synthesizer and a weeping guitar. Nothing new, until you wake up the next day and find the tune is still haunting your mind.

Then follow the mourning sounds of 'Dead', in which the band is perfectly clear what we can expect from them. Plenty of doom riffs, fuzzy distortion and vocals that will make you sit up straight! Virginia's throat sounds a lot differently through the Dead Witches microphone than it does when we listen to her band Psychedelic Witchcraft, but I am confident in saying that it makes her voice sound even better. Everything sounds woefully blissful until we get to 'Mind Funeral', where the nagging vocals (or should I say "hagging") and lamenting guitar sounds make us go down into the abyss without the promise of ever going back up. And thus the doom-classic 'A World Of Darkness' begins, with deadly riffs that are so low to the ground that you might start flipping the tiles underneath your feet, until you hear a sweet voice mention that you will die. From then on the repetitive stoner sounds do their job of escorting you down to the depths.

'Ouija' is a very strong start from a band that is hopefully going to bring us a lot more. February 2019 will see the release of its successor, 'The Final Exorcism', with a new singer, but hopefully a trusted sound.

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