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Nanowar Of Steel - Stairway To Valhalla

Nanowar Of Steel - Stairway To Valhalla

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : When I received a download promo invitation from the big boss for a band called “Nanowar Of Steel”, I was under the impression that it was a joke. I was not too far off, for even though the download promo in itself was real, but the band behind the downloaded album cannot be described as more than a terrible joke.

Last week was exam week in the school where I teach, and for the past few days I have done little more than correcting mistakes made by students who refuse to work because it’s only the beginning of the school year. While listening to this abomination of an album I suddenly am content again about the way I decided to live my life. It is hard to imagine that one would spend time in order to fill a CD with this junk while that person has been doing that for fifteen years already. This is a worthless quality parody on a few metal bands, mainly Manowar and Rhapsody. Now there are many things that you can say about these bands, especially about Manowar since the shocking messages concerning guitarist Karl Logan, but you can’t deny them their originality and influence. Manowar stood at the cradle of the entire true metal movement and Rhapsody single-handedly forged a whole new branch of power metal. Disregarding the fact that Manowar is screwing up its own legacy at the moment, these achievements can count on a bit more respect than making a ridiculously bad parody on this. The content of this CD is so immensely fucked up that it does not even deserve to be shot down. Every word that is written about this band and their “music” is too much honour. The largest surprise about this pile of shit is that Fabio Lione lowered himself to the level of actually guesting on one song.

Seriously, “gentlemen” of Nanowar Of Steel, go and do something with your life. Use your instruments to make music instead, or maybe you can help me with my pile of correction work that is still laying on the table here. Or just take that stairway to Valhalla, but make it a one way trip please.

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