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Eluveitie - Slania - 10 Years

Eluveitie - Slania - 10 Years

Label : Nuclear Blast | Archive under pagan / folk metal

Release type: Re-release

Vera : Eluveitie is one of the best pagan/folk metal bands with intelligent historical lyrics about the history of the Gaulish in Switzerland. Nowadays they still headline many festivals in that genre and they constantly tour the world.

Ten years ago they had their international breakthrough with the album ‘Slania’. It included classic tunes such as the fetching ‘Inis Mona’, the raucous ‘Grey Sublime Archon’, the smooth chart buster ‘Slania’s Song’ and the ravishing ‘Calling The Rain’. This month it is celebrated with a re-release of the legendary album. Demo versions of ‘Samon’, ‘Primordial Breath’, ‘Inis Mona’ ‘Bloodstained Ground’ and ‘Tarvos’ are added, just as an acoustic version of ‘Samon’ and an engrossing interview with the ever debonair band leader Chrigel Glanzmann who managed to face all turbulence of the former ten years and continue his dream. It happens to be a nice document, one you should cherish and think over for a moment… and now it is time to look forward to future achievements of this exceptional Swiss band, since they are recording a new album!

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