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Third Storm - The Grand Manifestation

Third Storm - The Grand Manifestation

Label : Dark Descent Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen S. : Third Storm has a strange history. Founded in 1986, released two demos and disbanded in 1988, to resurrect out of nowhere in 2014. Twenty-six years into the great nothing, but founding member Heval Bozarslan felt like playing again I think and he started the band back from scratch. In 2015 ‘Tarîtîya Me’ was released, an EP with Swedish lyrics consisting of two strong tracks of thirteen minutes each and now, after 32 years, there finally is their debut LP.

‘The Grand Manifestation’ clearly is not a continuation of the previous EP. The Swedish lyrics have been replaced by English, the songs are remarkably shorter and the strong doom vibe of some years ago has become mainly fast black metal. Not that the doom is completely gone, on the contrary, but it is not coming to the surface until the third track 'The Third Thought From The Sun'. The fast songs are well composed, but the slower parts give 'The Grand Manifestation' that extra dimension. The style of vocalist Heval suits me well. It looks like he does not have a wide range, but due to his monotone sense for melody he has got a distinct approach. 'Sapiens Formulae' is a nice sounding but unnecessary acoustic interlude. 'Forgotten Deity’, the longest song on the album, starts with acoustic guitars, becomes almost a thrash anthem and also contains heavy metal and doom. The atmosphere on the album is not as dark as I expected, but that does not bother me.

Fun fact is that Daniel Ekeroth plays bass on 'The Grand Manifestation'. Maybe that name does not ring a bell, but Daniel is the author of the well-known book ‘Swedish Death Metal’. He also wrote the liner notes for compilations of Morbid and Treblinka (pre-Tiamat). 'The Grand Manifestation' is released by Dark Descent Records and therefore I should not have to tell you that this album is guaranteed of a high standard.

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