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Lucifer's Child - The Order

Lucifer's Child - The Order

Label : Agonia Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen S. : Wow! What a deafening start of Lucifer's Child on their new record, 'The Order'! On their debut 'The Wiccan' these Greek guys played melodic and midtempo black metal with progressive elements in an occult atmosphere. They have retained their typical Hellenic style on the new album, but the storm is much fiercer this time.

There’s a lot of aggression and everyone engages in this general attack: vocalist Marios roars like a madman, drummer Nick Vell thrashes his sticks and guitarist George Emmanuel pulls out the one solo after the other, whilst the soul-crushing riffs keep flying around my head. Every now and then they seize back to the always successful recipe of Rotting Christ. Perhaps logical, George happens to play with Rotting Christ for about six years now and he also did the recording of their latest album 'Rituals'. He did the recording, mixing and mastering of ‘The Order’ in his own studio. Not surprising, since he previously worked on albums of Acherontas, Nordor and Septicflesh. All the songs have an own face. Opening track 'Viva Morte' is a severe blow by a wooden bat on your face, 'Fall Of The Rebel Angels' begins as a vigorous thrash song, but turns into a pounding black metal banger, closing track ‘Siste Farvel’ sounds like a mix of songs from ‘Rituals' and 'Khronos': after a long ritual intro the song becomes a lingering slow evil chunk of dark metal and so every song has its uniqueness.

‘The Order’ is definitely better than the debut. Musically George and Nikos (Nightfall) are at their best and also the production and the songwriting are of a higher level. The cover artwork is drawn by Daniele Valeriani, who previously made covers for Dark Funeral and Mysticum.

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