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Light Damage - Numbers

Light Damage - Numbers

Label : Progressive Promotion Records | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Leon : You are not a number. That is the message that the band Light Damage shares through their new album 'Numbers', a conceptual album that follows the lives of six different people. The conclusion is that every life is remarkable, whether you are famous or not. The band started as cover band in 2005 and, after a number of changes in the line-up, only released the self-titled debut album, with their own music, in 2014. With now a stable line-up, the band has been working four years on the follow-up album, 'Numbers', of which I am writing a review about.

It’s important that the first song on the album is strong, one that is representative of the music on the rest of the album, because this is the song that new listeners are confronted with first. Unfortunately that is not the case with 'Numbers', which starts with the song 'Number 261', and is, unfortunately, one of the weakest songs on the album. The song sounds messy, and the guitar parts do not sound interesting everywhere. Not a good start, and that is a shame considering the rest of the album actually has potential. Especially the next songs 'Bloom', which is a nice prelude for the song after, and the twenty-minute long 'From Minor To Sailor' are much better! They’re not perfect by any means, the spoken words in the latter is, for example, not strong and a bit too long. But in general it is much more interesting to listen to those songs than the opener. It’s clear that, with these songs, the bands really did their best to work on great compositions, so it’s a real shame that the album has such an undeserved bad start. Musically it's pretty interesting and it reminds a bit of a harder Marillion or Arena. Technically speaking I’m not really impressed but I don’t have to be either, because I do not miss this in the music. Also the vocals are quite nice in general, vocalist Nicholas-John is not a world star singer, is occasionally struggling, and has an accent, but this is not really distracting. What I do find distracting is the mediocre sound mix, especially the guitars sound like there was something in front of the speaker when recording, here they could have really made a difference and scored five points more.

Light Damage is a band with potential, 'Numbers' has enough elements that could appeal to a fan of the genre. However, there are still some points for improvement where the band could work on. Amongst other things it occurred to me that the website of the band, and all social media channels, are completely in French! I really don’t understand that, especially when your domain ends with eu,, because you want people outside of France to find information about the band. If that wasn’t the case, then, of course, the album would not have been sent to t Lords Of Metal either. Good, returning to the music, so there are a number of points for improvement for the band and I would really like them to work on this. The potential is there but it’s just not there just not there yet. A band to keep an eye on.

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