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Lethal Injury - Melancholia

Lethal Injury - Melancholia

Label : Wormholedeath Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : I remember seeing the name Lethal Injury on concert posters and flyers in the past, but I hadn’t heard the music of this Belgian band before. Founded in 2015, the band has previously released a demo and has been fortunate to share the stage with bands such as Anthrax, Hirax, Nervosa and Legion Of The Damned. And at the end of September this year, the debut full-length album, 'Melancholia', was released.

The main ingredient in Lethal Injury is quite aggressive thrash metal that clearly has its roots in the traditional style and in the 80s, but with a modern approach. Fortunately, however, the old-fashioned keeps the upper hand. In general, the music is quite aggressive and up-tempo, but there is also enough room for melody and variety. Here and there we also encounter influences from the death and black metal corners. The latter also has a lot to do with the screaming vocals. Vocalist Rambo has a rather blackened voice and sounds like a cross between Dani Filth (Cradle Of Filth), Zetro (Exodus) and Schmier (Destruction). That he would also fit perfectly with a black metal band is especially proven in the closing track 'Veiled Woman Of The Black', which musically even goes in the direction of Dark Funeral, Setherial and similar black metal acts!

All in all 'Melancholia' is a good album and a strong debut. The songwriting is correct, there is tight musicianship and the vocals are strong, despite the fact that they are somewhat monotonous. In addition, the album has a great production, which makes the songs blast out even more and, not unimportantly, the whole has the correct "thrashitude". My biggest criticism is that none of it makes a lasting impression at all. As the record spins, everything is fine, so to speak, but afterwards the level of memorability is basically nihil. Unfortunately that also doesn’t change after several listens. And come on, was the melodic instrumental 'Melancholia Part II' really necessary? Because of this number the mood drops like a brick before the records makes its exit with the aforementioned, solid ‘Veiled Woman Of The Black’. And no, this does not make the song have more impact (if that was the intention). A rather misplaced and, in my opinion, weak song and a bad choice. Pity. Anyway, apart from that the album has enough to enjoy and all in all this is – as said – a good album.

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