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Ashes Of My Memory - Raptures /// Disillusions

Ashes Of My Memory - Raptures /// Disillusions

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Leon : Ashes Of My Memory is a band from the mountainous region of South Tyrol, Italy. That’s not the first place where you’d expect to find a progressive death metal band. The group was founded in 2009 and released a demo in 2011, but it took until this year before they produced some new work. The new EP 'Raptures /// Disillusions' (a strange name if you ask me) contains only two songs, which are, fortunately, more than eight minutes long. The band makes death metal with some progressive influences, this is most noticeable in the tempo changes and the odd time signatures. During the instrumental parts of the songs the music is very dynamic and progressive, during the parts where there is some singing that is not the case. The grunts are very deep and sound okay but it are not interesting enough to really keep me interested, the same goes for the sporadic clean vocals. The fact that I am not enthusiastic about this album is not due to the quality of the musicians but due to the quality of the compositions. In addition to the lacking dynamics, I also miss a logical flow in the songs, a head and a tail if you will. It really sounds like a (young) band that is still looking for its own sound and style.

There is potential in the music but it doesn’t quite come out, that's a shame. Perhaps a death metal purist would appreciate this album better because it’s certainly not bad. If the gentlemen can work on their composing skills, to get logical heads and tails in the songs, and build in more dynamics during the singing parts, I would love to listen to the album. Unfortunately, 'Raptures /// Disillusions' doesn’t do much for me and thus it will disappear deep in my archive.

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