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Black Road - Black Road

Black Road - Black Road

Label : BloodRock Records | Archive under stoner

Release type: Mini-CD

Bart M. : Some people go and look for renovative things, and do not find them. I am not one of those people. Usually I do not look for anything and still find loads of stuff. Like Black Road. Just by mindlessly clicking on unfamiliar names that sparked some kind of interest within me. And this Chicago quartet got my interest very quickly, among other things because of their vintage but sober look, the way they describe their music - stoner, doom, heavy blues - and perhaps just a little by the spontaneous looks of singer Suzi Uzi. All of that though does not guarantee great music, but because I felt good about it I cycled down to the record store and ordered Black Road's EP. When I, expectancies high, slid the disc into my cd player the very next day and the music started I did not do anything at all but sit and listen for the next thirty plus minutes. That's how tasty this record is. In just six songs the band displays such a wide array of musical diversity, all of it somewhere within the stoner blues spectrum.

'From Hell' is the first song on this EP and even though it may seem to start with a very basic bass roll, when the drums and guitar are added it evolves slowly but very steadily into a unique and solid seventies atmosphere that is very securely confirmed as soon as Suzi's powerful, clear vocals shatter the speakers. The mood turns a lot darker when you think the song has reached an end, and doomy riffs continue to pound your skin to a squashy state that threatens to make it fall off your body. But fear not, the sinister 'Bloody Mary' is terrifying enough to pull all that skin back tightly with more groovy riffage and its grim ambiance. And so we are led through a number of emotions, from a misty, moonlit Paris in the twofold 'Morte' (first acoustically, then electrically, original and haunting, like you would expect from The Tiger Lillies), through the thumping and firm rocker 'Red', to eventually reach 'Black Rose', a song in which the foursome takes their time to put all of the things together that make them such a kick-ass band: a beautiful intro, tight tempo changes, an easy start that slowly builds up to something dark and powerful, the clear vocals that grow more commanding the heavier the music gets and a brilliant apotheosis in which that voice and screaming guitars play the main role. If this does not move you, it would be wise to check if you still have a pulse.

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