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Riot Horse - Cold Hearted Woman

Riot Horse - Cold Hearted Woman

Label : Metalville | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : Four years ago I was asked to review the debut album of Riot Horse, the album 'This Is Who We Are'. The bio that is attached this time is exactly the same as the one I received four years ago! Apparently not much has happened in this period of time. And of course that is possible. Musically, nothing happened either. Riot Horse still plays a mix of classic hard rock, blues rock and southern rock. And they do that very well.

Yes, the four Scandinavians started this band because they were big fans of bands like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Mountain. And that is something we've heard often in recent years, of course. But the market still does not seem to be saturated. So Riot Horse can easily join bands like Wolfmother, Greta van Fleet, Blues Pills and so on. We know the riffs, the melodies, the vocals and the solos, but that does not matter. Because Riot Horse does it all with class and - not unimportantly - they indeed sound like enthusiasts, as if they really love what there are doing. Songs like 'Moving Out Of Town' and 'My Only Woman' sound like the best work of Deep Purple and Whitesnake and that seems like a big compliment to me. Right? Singer Andreas Sydow has to work on his pronunciation, because sometimes his accent is a bit annoying ('Shadow Of The Moon'). Then again, his vocal duel with Yvette Eklund in 'Glad You Came' is brilliant. Yes, a nice album, without a doubt. What do I still miss? An up-tempo song. When they release a new album in four years with one or two faster songs, they get a full point more than this time.

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