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Noctulux - From The Shadows

Noctulux - From The Shadows

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

William Pezy : Noctulux was founded in 2015 but it took some years to grow into a full band. The band is obviously build around singer and founder of the band Mirjam van der Wel. In 2018 the band was finally completed with the arrival of drummer Michiel Nijs. The music is an interesting mix of pop, rock and doom metal that has the role of supporting the (at moments very sweet) vocal parts of Mirjam. It is a band that shows potential with a singer that has a great sound at moment. The lesser detail of the album is that it shows lack of studio experience and that appears at painful moments. Not only the musicians but also Mirjam misses a few notes at moments. It is a band that I would like to hear more from in the future, however: there is some work to do! Is that a bad thing? No it is not, for even the great bands had to start somewhere.

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