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Amoriello - Amoriello

Amoriello - Amoriello

Label : H42 Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : What a nice package, this Amariello CD, very special! Nicely done. On the front I read straight away that on this CD people are involved that played in bands like Black Sabbath, Yngwie Malmsteen, Dio, Michael Schenker Group and so on. These are certainly the right references. And who got all these people together? The Italian string acrobat Thomas Amariello. Before me lies the second album of the man, who is said to be the one who should be able to bring this specific genre under the attention of the youngest generation of metalheads.

What the latter is based on, is unclear to me. Because musically, Amariello plays the kind of music which Yngwie Malmsteen already played more than 30 years ago: hardrock with a lot of influences from classical music. And to underline that again, we hear the voice of Mark Boals on the opener of this album, 'Holy Man, The Devil's Hand'. Boals of course was the man who in 1986 was singer on the classic Yngwie album 'Trilogy’. Certainly nothing new under the sun there. Which does not mean that it does not sound great: like Malmsteen in his best days. The following 'Battle Song' is a tribute to Ronnie James Dio and you can hear that clearly. The song - sung by Nick Marino - is very reminiscent of Rainbow's work, a bit epic, mid-tempo. ‘Nightmusic' is a long instrumental song in which Amariello shows that he is able to play different kind of parts with ease (especially on the acoustic guitar he does very nice things) and in which he also shows that he is capable of writing strong compositions. In 'Music Is The Monarch' he is vocally assisted by Mike Vescara (also a former Yngwie singer!) But the main role is mainly claimed by bassist Bjorn Englen (Dio's Disciples) who plays inimitable parts here. The most beautiful song on the album is 'Flood', in which one of my favorite singers - Goran Edman - shines. That he also has a Yngwie past may be known, right? In 'Flood' everything is dosed and I like that, especially on an album where the music notes fly around. In 'Atmosphere' - a short instrumental - we also hear beautiful acoustic guitars by the Italian, while closing (yes, a fairly short album with only seven songs) 'Battle Song 2' (good title) is a weak extract of the second song of this album. After a few listens I conclude that Amoriello has delivered an excellent album, which will especially appeal to fans of Yngwie Malmsteen and Richie Blackmore (Rainbow and Deep Purple). Excellent song material, great musicians: what more could you want. Maybe a more own sound? You could want that, but you are not going to find that with this man.

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