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Ten Times A Million - Ten Times A Million

Ten Times A Million - Ten Times A Million

Label : Juice Junk Records | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Mini-CD

Wim S. : Ten Times A Million is a new rock band from The Netherlands, formerly known as Mandrake's Monster, but now with a new name that suits the music better. And what are they playing? The band plays modern rock with pop influences, which at times reminds you of bands like QOTSA, Foo Fighters and Nothing But Thieves. In short; the boys want to take advantage of the current success of this kind of music in general. They now release a demo with four self-written songs, probably to find out how this is received nationally and perhaps even internationally.

Especially the vocals of Martin Duve are very similar to those of Dave Grohl ('Silhouettes'). And I do not believe he does mysterious about it: it is more than obvious. The guitars of Messrs. Muller and Freise occasionally really rock, but there are also quite a few moments where you wonder what both gentlemen are doing (because you do not hear them!). As in opener 'When The Lights Go Out', that is much more about electronics then about guitars. They also play a subordinate role in the somewhat phlegmatic 'Get It On'. The music of Ten Times A Million in combination with the promotional machine around it reminds me a bit of My Favorite Scar. Also a band from The Netherlands with potential, which never knew to make a breakthrough. A little bit I fear the same for this band. Why? Because the band lacks its own face. It is too much artificial and too much based on the music of the aforementioned bands. You hear that in the music, also in the closing 'Clown Face'. It is just not pure and sincere enough. Well, in the end it is only about 15 minutes so what can you say? I think it still gives a clear picture of where this band wants to go musically. And I do not know if that is the right direction. The future will learn. Did I mention that Sem Christoffel (Vandenberg’s Moonkings) plays bass in this band? No? Ok, now I did. And that also the drummer from that group is in the band? Well, he is.

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