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My Regime  - Peak Through The Pines

My Regime - Peak Through The Pines

Label : Scarlet Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : If you can’t accuse My Regime of a major sin, it would be laziness. Since their creation in 2016, they have delivered an album every year. 'Peak Through The Pines' is their third long player. Apparently singer and guitarist Spice found his new breath in the thrash genre after a stoner history. Where on the previous albums you heard short, firm and aggressive thrash that went out in the direction of Slayer, Spice explained that for the third album he has written longer songs that take seven and nine minutes. A lot of inspiration was found in the Zodiac serial killer. When he wrote the songs, he spent a lot of time listening to music from Coroner and Rush. Spice therefore dares to admit that these two bands have influenced him a bit.

They open with the strong 'Peek Through The Times'. Fast riffs with excellent vocals and choruses dominate here. This is thrash of high level as we are used to by My Regime. This tendency is followed until the fourth song 'Underneath My Skin'. Halfway through here, softer progressive passages with acoustic guitar work are processed. Spice takes the necessary emotions in his singing. Successor 'You Will Never Understand' is one of the longer pieces on this album with a playing time of over seven minutes. That the band has looked for the experiment is becoming clearer here. The song remains instrumental for a long time after which Spice voices his story. There is always a switching back and forth between slower and faster pieces. That will be repeated later in the eight-minute closing 'Unglue My Soul'. As usual My Regime has delivered a nice album again. But the aggression and anger that prevailed over 'Dogmas' and 'Deranged Patterns' are missed a bit. Of course, you can’t play every album in the same way and you have to grow as a band. But it adorns the band that they are not shy from the experimental.

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