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Disrule - Sleep In Your Honour

Disrule - Sleep In Your Honour

Label : Seeing Red Records | Archive under stoner

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : Disrule only needed two days to record their second album: 'Sleep In Your Honour'. That is little time, especially when you realize that some bands take weeks to record and afterwards sound so perfect that it is hard to take them very seriously anymore. That is not the case with Disrule. They sound really good, but it is easy to hear that no unnecessary polishing and tinkering was done. And why would they? They play stoner, and if there is one genre that allows musicians to not worry about shit like that, it's that genre.

The sound is raw and really has what people call that live feel. You can hear, especially from the strong and pleasant vocals, that there was not just blood, sweat and tears involved in creating this album, but also that a lot of fun was had by all. That does not mean that this is party music. Quite the contrary: Disrule plays heavy, groovy seventies stoner rock and puts each of their songs into hefty, not too lengthy packages. There is the necessary repeating of the riffs, but plenty of tempo changes keep everything interesting and exciting. Lovers of doom will have no problems playing this record either. 'Occult Razor', for instance, not only has a delicious and dark riff as its core, but the frightened vocals make the entire song feel alarmingly gloomy.

Do not expect any earth shakingly new music. It is not always needed, especially when you play metal that hits the listener hard and full in the face, tearing out everything located between the ears and leaves your eyeballs spinning on the pavement. Should they look back to where the body is standing they will only see an empty, smoking husk. This is what Disrule does with 'Sleep In Your Honour'.

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