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Sick Of It All - Wake The Sleeping Dragon!

Sick Of It All - Wake The Sleeping Dragon!

Label : Century Media | Archive under punk / hardcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Patrick : Let's be honest; there is more than enough going on in the world to be terribly angry about. Isn’t there? The clown at the head of the US, a journalist who can seemingly be murdered with impunity in a Saudi consulate, populism left and right that does not seem to know any boundaries, the financial world where grazing remains commonplace, the incessant selfishness, self-glorification and incomprehension to people who think differently about things. Inspiration enough to become furious and go berserk? Leave that up to Sick Of It All ...

'Wake The Sleeping Dragon!' Is once again full of fierce lyrics and the band is once again verbally strong. All kinds of different themes are covered. Politics does not remain unmentioned ('The New Slavery'), but themes such as narcissism on Facebook ('Self Important Shithead') and their musical heroes of Bad Brains ('That Crazy White Boy Shit') also come by. Lyrics like “We don't like the matadors, we just wanna see them fall. We will cheer the bulls' success; nothing more, nothing less." leaves little to be guessed about what 'Bull's Anthem' is about. Robert Moses, the planner responsible for a large part of New York, gets a big sneer as a result of his design of the ’Long Island Parkway bridges (“Built those bridges low, keep them in control”) and also the banking system gets quite some criticism (‘Work The System’: “Just one drop, from that fucking one percent. Just one zero, of their crazy dividend. Just one change, in how the world is spread. Just one little drop could put this to an end.”). The verbal fierceness is borne by the roused, powerful music. In almost thirty-three minutes the foursome hits seventeen tracks and the pent-up frustration and indignation is spit out in short, fierce tracks. All sort of songs come by: from real pounding songs ('Inner Vision', 'The New Slavery') to true anthems, which demand shrieking along ('Bull's Anthem', 'Work The System').

At 'Wake The Sleeping Dragon!' Sick Of It All sounds as we have been accustomed to for thirty-two years: aggressive, fierce and they do not mince one's words. Let's face it: we would not want it any other way, would we?

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