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Lords Of The Cemetery - Path Of Damara

Lords Of The Cemetery - Path Of Damara

Label : Great Dane Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen B. : Lords Of The Cemetery’s second opus ‘Path Of Damara’ has just been unleashed by Great Dane Records, the quality label from France. Really, I’ve been looking forward to this release because their previous CD ‘Citipati’ (2016) was far above average. This one, indeed, is far above average as well, but you might have expected that when you are familiar with the first album of Lords Of The Cemetery. If not, visit L.O.T.C.’s Bandcamp page where everything is revealed.

Reno Cavadaski (drums) and L.C.F. (guitars / vocals) continue where they left off with ‘Citipati’, although I think they have interwoven more black metal elements but also more melody within their death metal. This has led to more variation in L.O.T.C.’s music. ‘Path Of Damara’ therefore is a death metal album that is good fun to listen to. I think Lords Of The Cemetery is an act that has the ability to become the torch bearer of the French extreme metal scene. Now is your chance to jump on the L.O.C.T.-wagon by buying this furious extremity and start growing with the band. Hell is unleashed with this one!

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