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Ültra Raptör - Ültra Raptör

Ültra Raptör - Ültra Raptör

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Patrick : Ültra Raptör is a Canadian quintet that releases their debut on humanity with their eponymous album. Do not let the cover art keep you from this gem; lovers of unadulterated old school speed metal have a compulsory purchase here.

What Ültra Raptör emerges on their debut EP fits perfectly into speed metal. All stylistic features come by: the constantly high tempo, razor-sharp guitar solos and the high vocal swipes. And all of that carried out in five great, appealing tracks. Musically comparisons with bands such as Gamma Ray, the early Helloween, Leige Lord, Running Wild and Savage Grace are lurking around. Nothing wrong with that as far as I am concerned. Lyrically, nonsense about Cadillacs and dinosaurs ('Cadillacs and Dinosaurs', duh!) or the riders of Velociraptors ('Raptor Riders') come by In terms of lyrics, you have to take the tracks at ‘Ültra Raptör' with a grain of salt (if you like: a kilo of salt does not hurt either), but it does not make the musical party less of an issue.

Little or nothing at all can be considered innovative at this 'Ültra Raptör', but if it is performed so well and the band comes up with five very interesting compositions, it has my approval. A digital download can be purchased at the Bandcamp page of the quintet, where you can also purchase a physical copy of the CD for a little more than ten Euro. Like I said: mandatory for people who have an interest in speed metal.

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