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Sunrunner - Ancient Art Of Survival

Sunrunner - Ancient Art Of Survival

Label : Minotauro Records | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Leon : Sunrunner is in American band that combines classic rock with prog, think of a band like Black Sabbath who would’ve played prog. Or as they say "A mix of Classic Heavy Metal and Prog Rock ... but we are not Prog Metal". The band started in 2008 with five members, this year the band only consists of David Joy, a bass player and vocalist, Joe Martignetti, a guitarist, and Ted MacInnes, a drummer. Four albums have been released since their foundation, the last of which was 'Heliodromus', released three years ago. This year a new album will see the light of day, the first as a trio. It’s called 'Ancient Art Of Survival'.

Sunrunner makes music that strongly reminds me of the heavier rock / metal bands from the eighties, the aforementioned touch of prog is present in a smaller degree. This is mainly expressed in a few odd time signatures and in a few guitar leads, but this has been done in such a way that you don’t really notice it when you’re listening. Unless, of course, you are a fan of prog. I have listened to the album a number of times but unfortunately it just doesn’t grab me, the music certainly isn’t bad but I am just not blown away by it either. It doesn’t sound like a seasoned band that has already released four albums, like they have. The latter mainly applies to the compositions, no epic guitar parts, memorable vocals, or unparalleled drum riff. It all feels like something generic. In addition, I don’t feel that the guys are extraordinarily good musicians, again they are certainly not bad, but they can’t compete the musical geniuses of some other bands. I particularly don’t like the voice of Joy, his choice in melody is often debatable, additionally I don’t particularly like the sound of his voice in the upper registers. The sound of the music fits well with the music that the men make, but this also gives the music a dated sound that I don’t really like.

Maybe this is an album for people who can’t get enough of heavy rock from the eighties, but also enjoy a bit of prog. However, I don’t think that other people would be enthusiastic about this. 'Ancient Art Of Survival' is quite a decent album, really an album that floats somewhere between good and bad. Sunrunner is the type of band that you’d expect to see in a local hard rock pub, having a great time while having a beer and watching the band. Other than that, it isn’t something that I would recommend.

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