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Septagon - Apocalyptic Rhymes

Septagon - Apocalyptic Rhymes

Label : Cruz Del Sur Music | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : In the beginning of 2016 the debut album ‘Deadhead Syndicate’ of the German power-trash outfit Septagon saw the light of day and my final conclusion was that they had released quite a meritorious, but certainly not a truly superb album. As a matter of fact the same can be said about this successor ‘Apocalyptic Rhymes’, because also the second album of these gentlemen has become a bit of a doubtful release. Just like on the debut album sufficient, at times quite complex riffs with a good dose of melody are fired at you and as such there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. I must also say that the song material sounds more mature than what they presented on the first record, but still ‘Apocalyptic Rhymes’ is not capable to really appeal to you. That has a lot to do with the quite thin production, which accounts for the fact that everything sounds a bit tame and that the material doesn’t exactly blows out of your speakers. That was also the case with the debut album and therefore you would have expected that they would have learned from this and would have come up with a better sound this time. Unfortunately that’s not the case, which is the main reason why also this record will be categorized as mediocre.

That is quite a shame, because with tunes like ‘The Weight Of The World’, ‘Home, Sweet Hell’, ‘P.O.T.U.S.A.’ and title track ‘Apocalyptic Rhymes’ in itself is nothing wrong. The material just lacks the pure power that’s necessary to be truly convincing and as a result of that this second Septagon album does that insufficiently. The idea to mix power metal with thrash metal is quite nice, but the poor production just doesn’t do justice to this. If Septagon is able to fix this with a possible next release, my final judgement will be much better because as said there’s nothing wrong with the song material itself. Therefore this is a bit of a missed opportunity…

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