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Reece - Resilient Heart

Reece - Resilient Heart

Label : Mighty Music | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : In my humble opinion, American singer David Reece has never received the fame and recognition he deserves. Most will know the best man from his short time in Accept and his only (otherwise magnificent) record with the German legend, 'Eat The Heat' (1989). The fact that the man is an excellent singer and also that he has always remained active in the following years and has released a whole series of good albums with various bands such as Bangalore Choir, Sircle Of Silence and Stream, but also as a solo artist, is usually overseen. Also in this decade he has strong albums to his name with, among others, Bonfire and Sainted Sinners.

On November 9th, Reece will once again strike with his new solo album, 'Resilient Heart'. Reece has always stood for excellent hardrock/AOR and also here he does exactly what he is good at: rocking. The man is not trying to reinvent the wheel and what we are presented on 'Resilient Heart' is simply a tasty and rather solid chunk of hardrock with the whole rock n' roll attitude dripping from it. The songs are full of strong and especially catchy riffs and guitar licks, and ditto vocal lines and strong vocals from start to finish. The whole swings rather and for 45 minutes the albums rocks and pounds forward. Of course we get the necessary variety so that each song has its own character and therefore the album doesn’t collapse easily. The ballades are of course not missing either and although there haven’t been any real noteworthy ballads released over the past decades in my opinion, 'I Do not Know Why' and 'Forest Through The Trees' are beautiful songs. However, it is especially the sturdier tracks that stand out more and fully convince. Just listen to songs like the powerful openers, 'Any Time At All' and 'Wicked City Blues', or the Accept-like pounders like' Karma 'and' Desire ', but also ‘Ain’t Got The Balls' and 'Perfect Apocalypse'.

And then there is Reece himself. My god, what a great voice the man has. He has always been a magnificent (but in my opinion a pretty undervalued) singer and here again he proves to be one of the best rock vocalists on this planet. His voice is not only still beautiful, but also still very powerful, charismatic and all in all very convincing, and also made for rock. His voice gives the songs a delightfully old-fashioned, 80s-tinted charge, but at the same time it sounds simply immortal and timeless. The same also applies to music, which sounds beautifully classic, traditional and old-fashioned, but also very contemporary at the same time. As reference points you have to think in the direction of bands like Shakra, Crystal Ball, later Bangalore Choir and Reece's last band, Sainted Sinners, with the groove of a band like Velvet Revolver. And with that the record will appeal to a fairly wide audience. In short; an excellent hardrock record that is absolutely worth it.

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