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Paragon Impure - Sade

Paragon Impure - Sade

Label : Van Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen S. : I don’t expect many of you people were asleep when Paragon Impure conquered the black metal world in Belgium and The Netherlands with ‘To Gaius’ back in 2005. The album, based on the life of the Roman Emperor Gaius Caligula, was not groundbreaking or extremely sensational, but the execution and the ramshackle production of this epos were just amazing. You could not call ‘To Gaius’ original, but I’m sure musically the album can compete with several Norwegian Classics from the nineties. Paragon Impure wanted to release a successor around 2008 but that never happened. Noctiz was fed up with the whole fake black metal scene and called it quits with his band in 2009.

Now Noctiz and his friends are back to present us the new album ‘Sade’. ‘Sade’ is, just like the debut, a concept album and this time the story is about Marquis de Sade and especially about his blissful manuscripts, in which acts like flagellation, coprophagy, sadism, (what's in the name!) bestiality and necrophilia are more common than Homer Simpson yelling ‘D'oh!’ The blackened metal that rises from the underground dungeons is very well written. The songs are, outside the brief introduction, quite long drawn out stories in a beautiful setting with stunning riffs and the best articulated black metal vocals as far as I can remember. It’s not that Noctiz doesn’t sound evil or cruel, on the contrary. The free-thinking lyrics may be offensive for some, laughable for others, but it remains a fascinating story. Musically, this is again not innovative, but well executed means well executed! The production is much clearer than on the debut from 2005, but there also are almost 15 years of technological evolution between the two albums. The artwork is an engraving of the novella 'La Nouvelle Justine' from 1797 by de Sade. The physical copy of ‘Sade’ will be released by Ván Records and everyone that has something to do with extreme metal just needs to buy this album. Paragon Impure: Born in 2004. Buried alive in 2009. Resurrected in 2018!

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