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Owl Company - Iris

Owl Company - Iris

Label : Eclipse Records | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : Owl Company hails from Brazil and according to themselves they play alternative metal. Maybe also due to the mix by Matt Wallace (also responsible for Three Doors Down and many others) this may sound pretty Nickelback-like radio-friendly at times. ‘Iris’ still contains a lot influences in the direction of Soundgarden, just like the debut album, but the diversity has slightly grown. Both the vocals and the songs themselves seem to go in a Nickelback direction at times, but also a name like Pearl Jam can come to mind when listening to calm building tracks like ‘Door’ or ‘Angel’, and finally also a shred of Page & Plant can come floating by. Just as the debut album, the level of musicianship is above average and the song material is very well written. When you can also find progression and more diversion in the process, I guess this is a job very well done.

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