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Oberon - Aeon Chaser

Oberon - Aeon Chaser

Label : Prophecy Productions | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Once the self-titled MCD ‘Oberon’ happened to be one of the first releases we purchased from Prophecy Productions (1996). You could already notice the spiritual, mystical approach of life in it by the moving spirit of it all: Bard ‘Oberon’ Titlestad.

With enchanted wondering we embraced the comeback album ‘Dream Awakening’ in 2014. Four years later we are eager to find out what’s about the successor ‘Aeon Chaser’, the first recordings of the pivotal man with a full-blooded band. We cannot only speak of dream-like singer-songwriter material, since they really cut loose in some of the songs. Thus more energy, although it always can be taken with a pinch of salt within the Oberon realms, since the man obviously remains a master in poetic art from introvert kind. Beautiful and captivating in this case. Who is able to resist to genuine gems such as ‘To Live To Die’ or ‘Brother Of The Order’? On one side they have a sophisticated charm, on the other hand a kind of nonchalant ‘go with the flow’, also characteristic for bands such as 1476. It signifies that there are no musical boundaries. Thus we go from the new wave tinged ‘The Secret Fire’ straight forward to the dramatic flavoured ‘Worlds Apart’. ‘Surrender’ happens to be proper guitar rock. ‘Lost Souls’ is sugared with strings. They are never highfaluting nor elitist. Simple honest feelings prevail. All regaled with a proper need for freedom from the man himself. This happens to be a worship on the throne of nature, enchanted with thoughtful rhetoric flair and finalized with majestic organ sounds in ‘Magus Of The Dunes’. It feels like coming home in a world long forgotten, but it lives on in the minds of some individuals, such as Bard ‘Oberon’ Titlestad. Those who have a liking for bands such as Antimatter, 1476, Sophia or The Walkabouts, should really check this out!

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