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Thron - Abysmal

Thron - Abysmal

Label : Listenable | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : Thron is a German band that plays black metal that is quite punctuated with death metal, the kind that was popular in the nineties. Bands like Dissection and Sacramentuum can be recognized in the sound of Thron, so even though they are German, the influence of Scandinavia is immense.

'Beyond The Gates' sets the bar for the entire album, with its typical black metal intro and its transition to great riffs with some really creepy melodies in between. The vocals sound like the perfect cross between the icy black metal scream and a low death metal grunt. Thron clearly stands for atmosphere, the setting is based on a chilly background on which a monumental song is created using a thorough structure. Sufficient dynamics keep things interesting for the listener and the quiet passages are accompanied by some really good melodic guitar solos. The tight drumwork accompanies the icy riffs and this whole package has a slightly addictive effect. 'Hidden Shadows' starts treacherously with only the tones of an electric guitar but then turns into a driving up tempo song that also has those compelling guitar melodies. 'The Wrath Of Gods' sounds like a soundtrack that youmight want to hear when you are meeting with the Norwegian gods, a truly monumental song. Just two examples of songs on 'Abysmal' that sound like rounded Norwegian sagas with a lot of attention for heavy and technical guitar work and an atmosphere that grabs you by the throat. That the band comes from Germany does not change its authenticity. Clearly a very successful follow-up to the debut.

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