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Siroll! - Doble O Res

Siroll! - Doble O Res

Label : Blood Fire Death | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : The Catalan outfit Siroll! brings out their fourth album 'Doble O Res', and still all lyrics are sung in the Catalan lingo. I could really enjoy predecessor Mes Llenya’. On 'Doble O Res' the band does even better. Opener 'Tu Mateix' immediately shows those heavy death metal drums in combination with low tuned guitars. Singer Gou still has that deep grunt voice that is sung right from the grave. From the second song 'Hosties' they musically go more direction crossover thrash metal. You do not understand anything of what they sing, but they scream, grunt and play everything down. It is completely filled by blissful riffs. This is music to completely throw yourself in the pit. With a song like 'Mitjans De Maniupalcio' you just open the volume and try to resist. Bet that it does not work. The instrumental 'Cannar Per Seguir Igual' is rather atmospheric and serves as an intro for the somewhat more than five-minutes during closer 'Actitud' in which the band let’s hear everything that makes them so nice. Those who love the heavier metals will certainly like them.

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