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Red Dead / Undead Vision / Son Of A Shotgun - Sons Of Red Visions

Red Dead / Undead Vision / Son Of A Shotgun - Sons Of Red Visions

Label : Great Dane Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen B. : ‘Sons Of Red Visions’ might sound like a strange album title, but it’s just a hodgepodge of the three bands that are involved in this compilation: Son Of A Shotgun, Red Dead and Undead Vision. Maybe ‘Dead Undead Sons’ would possible have been a more appropriate CD title, but of course I’m just fooling around here. All three bands have donated three songs to this one. Red Dead, a death metal band from France kicks off with ‘Corpse Riders’, ‘Evil’s Genes’ and ‘Brewer Of Death’. The third song was also available on their 2017 ‘The Therapy Of The Evil’ CD, the other two are new. This band has the potential to grow into something special but within the Lords Of Metal crew opinions are divided on how this will be achieved.

Next up is Undead Vision with ‘Revolt’, ‘The End’ and ‘Purple Pony’. All songs were released before on their previous works (2015’s ‘Undead Vision’ EP and 2017’s ‘Modern Slave’ full-length). This Swiss death metal band is quite good and their contributions make me hungry for their earlier stuff. Son Of A Shotgun (Norway) is the band that will attract to most of our readers. Their songs (‘Medicated’, ‘Hate Them’ and ‘C.O.B.’, taken from their 2017 ‘Mexican Standoff’ CD) sound like Pantera goes death metal (which is not really my piece of cake), but with Ivan Gujic (Blood Red Throne), Hellhammer (Mayhem) and Olivier Pinard (Cryptopsy) within the line-up we are interested in hearing more from them soon. ‘Sons Of Red Visions’ is a compilation you definitely should check out if you adore a fine piece of heavy artillery.

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