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Days Of Jupiter - Panoptical

Days Of Jupiter - Panoptical

Label : Metalville | Archive under nu metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : ‘Panoptical’ is already the fourth album from this Swedish band. They try to find the perfect combination between the modern American metal and the European more classic hard rock. So they managed to find their own sound that is fresh and powerful. You can call it a kind of nu metal but the result is quite good. That becomes clear with opener ‘Swallow’. It includes a threatening ambiance combined with faster parts. The harsh riffs and vocals stay in the mind. Further with ‘Why’ you can hear that hard pounding drumming from the American band. The melodic lead guitar goes more direction our own continent.
Not everything from Days Of Jupiter will become stuff for legends, but there are some very good songs on the album. Title track ‘Panoptical’ let me think about Creed met excellent vocal performances and many emotions in it. And talking about emotions, you also get to hear two (semi) ballads with ‘Black Hole’ and ‘Shadow Side’. And that is something were the band is very good at. Not everything that they made was reviewed well. But with their fourth album ‘Panoptical’ they prove that they have some talent.

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