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Mycelia - Apex

Mycelia - Apex

Label : Eclipse Records | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Cedric : Mycelia is a Swiss band, with already five albums on their discography, but I have honestly never heard of them until now. The reason for that presumably lies in the genre that the band plays. Everytime I receive new promo material to review I try to give the music an objective first spin, without taking a look at the supplied biography or other promotalk. The strange thing with this record is that, just by looking at the cover, I immediately had an idea about the musical genre I could be expecting. And it seems that I was right. Mycelia plays a modern-sounding mixture of djent and metal(core).

As some of you might know this modern djent style is not at all my favorite kind of music, mainly because most of the bands in this genre often sound way too clean and overproduced to my liking. This is something I also experience while listening to ‘Apex’, often wondering how these bands would sound in a live setting and how much of the music needs to be playing along on tape to try and come close to the album version. Since I have never seen Mycelia perform on stage I will give them the benefit of the doubt on that, but the overall sound of the album is quite too slick for yours truly.
Musically the band definitely has its moments, with decent riffing and interesting rhythms, but it never really convinces me. Mycelia offers us a mix between the aforementioned modern djent and metal(core), but the band does not stop there. In a way to give the whole a tad more progressive sound the band adds some synths and keys to the music, but I mostly find these layers clashing with the overall riffs and feel. Of course the band also draws inspiration from genres such as emo and nu-metal, but that is something you can hear in the music of plenty other bands in this genre. The vocals are okay, but unfortunately not to be called top notch. Screams and clean vocals are alternated, creating some level of dynamics, but the clean vocals often are just not good enough to really convince or compell.

Feel free to call me an old fart, but this ultramodern metal-spinoff is just not quite my cup of tea. Are you a fan of bands like Periphery, Vildhjarta or Tesseract? Well, feel free to give ‘Apex’ a spin and be the judge of it yourself.

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