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Dilemma - Random Acts Of Liberation

Dilemma - Random Acts Of Liberation

Label : Butler Records | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Leon : The Dutch-British band Dilemma is back again. The band released their debut album 'Imbroccata' in the early nineties, then played live sporadically, but all of a sudden ceased to exist. In 2012 the band was asked if they wanted to come back again for a one-off special occasion, the band agreed and lit the spark to create music together again. With renewed energy Dilemma started working on a new album and was already recording material when singer Danny Butler announced to quit the band. Although this was a big setback for the group, the rest of the band wanted to continue but after pressing the reset button. The songs were rewritten and re-recorded with new front man Declan Burke (Ex-Frost *), the result of this is the seventy-two minute long album 'Random Acts Of Liberation'.

With 'The Space Between The Waves' the band immediately starts off well, perhaps with the strongest song of the album even. The song starts with a strong guitar riff, that every prog fan is guaranteed to enjoy, then the band switches to a more accessible and almost pop sound. To be honest this is also a great description of the album, progressive rock with a touch of pop. The chorus has a high sing-along probability, this is mainly due to the nice voice and vocal melody of Burke. The other compositions are very strong as well and also instrumentally it’s is a high-quality piece of work, mainly the vocals of Burke, the guitars of Paul Crezee, and the drums of super drummer Colin Leijenaar (Neal Morse) are impressive, in the latter I’d dare to say that he’s making a difference. The bass guitars of Erik van der Vlis and the keyboards of Robin Z. are also excellent, but have more of a supporting role. Musically I have nothing but praise for the musicians. That said, for me personally it is a bit too sweet, just a little too much pop and not enough rock, take the song 'Aether' as an example. This makes an album of seventy-two minutes even a little bit longer. Perhaps that is a matter of taste but, because of this, I have a hard time listening to more than a few songs in a row.

Still, the band can be proud of the result because 'Random Acts Of Liberation' is a very professional and solid record that many progressive rock fans will certainly enjoy. This will mainly be the case for people who are fans of bands like Kayak, Spock's Beard, or Frost *, the enthusiasts of harder work will probably find it a bit too soft. I a bit like the latter group of people, I feel like I needed some extra punch to keep it a bit more interesting for me, but I can only admit that Dilemma has created a good album. Hopefully we will see more of Dilemma in the future.

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