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Organic - Carved In Flesh

Organic - Carved In Flesh

Label : Testimony Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Dennis : Old school death metal bands are springing from the ground lately. It seems like a whole new generation of musicians are inspired by the Swedish HM-2 masters Carnage, Entombed, Grave and Dismember of thirty years ago and that is actually quite interesting to see. And as it seems the HM-2 virus has struck in the Alps of South Tyrol, the German speaking part of Italy. The black and white album cover with its’ rotting corpse on ‘Carved In Flesh’ gives you a hint of what to expect. The four gentlemen of Organic deliver their Swedish old school death metal in style. Ultra-heavy chainsaw death metal riffs, furious blast beats and deep guttural vocals are all present on their debut album. But somehow their music doesn’t really move me. The band is playing it too much on safe without adding their own identity to the songs. Organic therefore sounds too much like a cover band, like a watered-down version of the real good (original) stuff. I am not saying ‘Carved In Flesh’ is a pain in the ass to listen too, because it isn’t, it’s quite enjoyable, it just lack identity. Therefore I personally wouldn’t listen to this album and instead put on the originals, or even the last albums of Entrails or Gravestone, albums that did have a crispy sound and a somewhat original identity, for as far as that is possible in old school death metal nowadays.

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