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All That Remains - Victim Of The New Disease

All That Remains - Victim Of The New Disease

Label : Eleven Seven Music | Archive under metalcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : All That Remains will blow out twenty candles this year. At the same time, they release their ninth album 'Victim Of A New Disease'. The great success of the band, as a result, was that they aimed at a wider audience. So the predecessor 'Madness' became a lot more radio friendly. The hard pieces were clearly less present and the band even experimented with keyboards. The result was that a lot of fans showed their dissatisfaction on the social media pages of the band. Apparently they listened to this because you can hear a lot more of rage on this one. A broken relationship is the main inspiration. Grief is processed in different ways. Bullet For My Valentine showed on their last work 'Gravity' their sentimental side.

All That Remains deals with that differently and screams, roars and spits it away. They open with 'Fuck Love'. A title that says everything. Philip Labonte is raging all through it. It ends with a piece of deathcore and a malicious hateful scream. On 'Everything's Wrong' he uses his clean vocals. And he has an amazingly powerful clear voice. That is expertly alternated with the necessary roaring parties that every metalcore and hardcore fan will enjoy. Of course you get a ballad with 'Alone In The Darkness'. No emotional and sticky vocals but a subdued voice steeped in sadness and melancholy.
Sometimes a song (like Broken) is reminiscent of Five Finger Death Punch. Until after a few minutes with the scream 'Break It Down' a brutal hardcore riff is fired at you.

All That Remains has excellently recovered and yet delivered one of the better metalcore albums of 2018. Unfortunately, we also received the news that co-founder and lead guitarist Oli Herbert died on 17 October. How it goes now is not yet known for the time being.

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