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Sunflower Dead - Comay

Sunflower Dead - Comay

Label : Combat Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : Sunflower Dead is an American band and with 'Coma' they already release their third album; an album on which the musical direction has changed considerably. A change of direction that is in line with the changed image of the band: disappeared are the intricate costumes and the zombie-like make up (never seen that, thank god...); we now see five normal American boys who want to rock and focus just on the music. And they do that pretty well on 'Coma'.

Perhaps the musical change was originated with the recruitment of a completely new rhythm section. New are drummer Brian Weir (Starset) and bassist Christian Olde Wolbers (whom we know from Fear Factory). And indeed they have left their mark on the album. We hear a wonderful grooving and heavy foundation that is laid down by the two gentlemen as in the nice modern pounding 'Victim' (hello Korn). Or what about the complex structures in 'Through Fire'. In combination with the nice heavy riffs of Jaboo and Jamie Teissere that gives the music of Sunflower Dead a lot of power. The vocals of Michael Del Pizzo are also worth listening to: this man has a very flexible voice that effortlessly knows how to pass both heavy passages and rather melodic, catchy pieces (like in most choruses). Yes, the choruses are (unfortunately) of a very high sing-a-long content. And the band also falls short in diversity; it is all very much the same, both in terms of riffs but also in terms of pace. An exception to this is the closing of the album, the (perhaps because of that) very strong 'Turn Away', in which the tempo is lower and the guitars sound different, at times even semi-acoustic. It reminds me a bit of a track from A Perfect Circle and that is a compliment. The production of the album was done by Dave Frontman (Slipknot, Evanescence) and that is excellent: the album breathes strength.

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