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Wills Dissolve - The Heavens Are Not On Fire

Wills Dissolve - The Heavens Are Not On Fire

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under post rock / post metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Job : Named after a famous Isis song, Texan beasts Wills Dissolve are releasing their debut album ‘The Heavens Are Not On Fire’ at the end of this month. It’s immediately clear what’s on the menu; the band could not have chosen a better name – The Isis is strong in this one! Sludgy post-metal, long-ass songs, a lot of doom influences and a lot of grandeur. Opener/title track might only really start slamming at around the five minute mark but it’s a bait and switch; we’re quickly mellowed out by a post-black/pagan-esque passage. The rest of the record seems hyperfocused on atmosphere and heaviness; whether it’s dark or just really harsh, it all blends together well enough to click.

Most of the material spans far past the ten-minute mark and it tends to give some of the songs a hint of long windedness. Sure, there’s tons of variation, but because the sound doesn’t really change (even though the band switches up cleans with heavier passages), it doesn’t hold that much replay value. However, this will be great for doom fans looking for both a bit of post-metal in their bands as well as some black and sludge influences!

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