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Unleashed - The Hunt For White Christ

Unleashed - The Hunt For White Christ

Label : Napalm Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Ramon : In itself it is a worth a word of praise when you go figure how long Unleashed is playing with the same line-up already. With this ‘The Hunt For White Christ’ the band picks up where they left with what was supposed to be the Yggdrasil mythos trilogy. But this is the fourth record in that vein already. It is also the debut of Unleashed at their new home, Napalm Records. And considering the fact this band is not the main occupation of its members, it is again a mighty serious effort they released.

The eleven songs on ‘The Hunt For White Christ’ display consistency and a spirit that has no match. When it is catchy, it never becomes cheesy and if they pump through the power, it never feels like dumb, blunt force. Everything is very well-balanced. When you are a seasoned death metal fan it is a matter of taste whether the vocals of Johnny are your cup of tea or not, but all in perspective, this album does not have a single weak moment. Every riff is good, not a solo is out of the blue, every change of pace is well placed and despite the fact that, especially for the solid core of followers, there is not a single element of surprise, you can once again say that Unleashed delivered that what is expected from them. By own will, not by force. Unleashed show they are the rightful holders of the crown in viking metal. It is a band that is structurally left out when you talk about the greater death metal legends, but if this is what you can deliver after 30 years, you understand your own craft, big time.

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