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The Wizards - Rise Of The Serpent

The Wizards - Rise Of The Serpent

Label : High Roller Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Dennis : Last year The Wizards from Bilbao released their highly acclaimed second studio album ‘Full Moon In Scorpio’ through the underground label Fighter Records and I must say I was quite impressed by these gentlemen from Basque country. The band has signed a contract with the German label High Roller Records, who also have prestigious bands like Absu, Agent Steel, Aura Noir, Black Trip and Candlemass on their roster, and The Wizards is one of their latest signings.

With their high energy heavy occult stoner rock, the band around singer Ian Mason received a lot of praise for ‘Full Moon In Scorpio’ and on their third studio album ‘Rise of the Serpent’ the band continues their success formula with new material that is a great follow up to last year’s album. Once again the band has come up with strong energetic hard rock songs with recognizable melodies, great guitar riffs and powerful guitar solos. Ian Mason’s characteristic vocal sound still reminds me of Glen Danzig or The Cult’s Ian Astbury and it is probably one of the biggest assets of The Wizards. The background vocals, on the other hand, is not the most inspiring about this records. But the sheer joy with which the songs are played, the energy and the great compositions on ‘Rise of the Serpent’ make this third record of The Wizards an absolutely enjoyable record to listen to, so I can only recommend this one to fans of stoner- and occult rock.

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