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Temtris - Rapture

Temtris - Rapture

Label : Battlegod Productions | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : ‘Rapture’ markt the five album milestone for the Australian band Temtris. Since predecessor ‘Enter The Asylum’ there has been progress, mainly in the vocals of Genevieve Rodda. After the intro ‘Flames Of Defiance’ is unleashed in full metal throttle. The merciless assault from the double bass drums is supported by fiery riffs and immediately turns this cd to a musical delicacy, even though Rodda is trying too hard to prove herself here by sticking to her highest vocal regions to an annoying degree. ‘Wings Of Death’ is a very interesting and diverse song in which we are treated to many a musical surprise during the full seven minutes. ‘Run’ has been chosen to be the single for the videoclip and this was a wise choice. For how pure do you want to have your heavy metal? For all those who can appreciate some band called Iron Maiden, this is your song!

‘Serpent’ sees the album head to a more sinister direction, and this marks the start of a more experimental part of the album. ‘Parasite’ and ‘Breathe’ are two more songs that can be best described as interesting. The only thing that does not appeal much is the power ballad ‘Carry You’. Fortunately, the album still ends in a blast with ‘Rise Of Dawn’, a delicious true metal track with balls!

Aggressive, sparking and with more originality than most other bands in this by now classic genre. Temtris has grown to a higher levels along with the vocals of Rodda, so even if ‘Enter The Asylum’ was not your album, you should definitely give this CD a try!

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