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Moonshade - Sun Dethroned

Moonshade - Sun Dethroned

Label : Art Gates Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Ramon : The Portuguese melodic death metal band Moonshade shares its name with a band from Greece with a comparable description. The name suits them very well, they play mid-tempo death metal with a lot of sense for drama and they aim at the atmosphere just about all the time. The guitars echo, the vocals grunt, scream and is clean every now and then, but all of the times you see the guitars coming back to claim the leading role. On an average, you can say they play slightly faster than a Paradise Lost, but slightly slower than most of the death metal bands. I guess that is the most accurate way to describe it. Despite the fact that any random moment from the album sounds superb, there is also never a moment where it becomes intricate or special. This is typically one of those records you can have in your car stereo for weeks, but just as easily forget about after that. Nonetheless I can imagine that they are very happy with the final result, they have reason to be proud of the outcome.

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