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Jail Job Eve - The Mission

Jail Job Eve - The Mission

Label : M.I.G. Music | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : When bands like Blues Pills and Siena Root are mentioned as points of reference, I’m getting very curious (and critical). Jail Job Eve is a band from Germany, formed by very talented musically educated youngsters. The foundation is sixties and seventies blues orientated rock which does rise memories of Siena Root indeed (and a bit of Led Zeppelin). The guitars are not that prominent available as Blues Pills though, and the vocals do not have the Janis Joplin ingredient that Elin Larsson can provide. In the stronger moments a shred of Ann Wilson can be discovered though, but mostly the voice of Victoria Semel is not that special (yet). The rhythm section is very effective, the keyboard has some truly great contributions and the guitar could use a bit more fire (and space). Also some actually well written arrangements are performed a bit too smooth and poppy at times. These people sure know how to make a very decent piece of music, and despite some critical notes, I’m pretty curious about the next album. Some recommended highlights of this piece of work are the compelling ‘Closer To The Rain’, with well performed vocals and great combinations of keyboard and guitar, the Don Airey-like interlude and transition in ‘On The River’, and stubborn ‘Are You in?’.

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