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Iron Lamb - Blue Haze

Iron Lamb - Blue Haze

Label : The Sign | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : Starting off with an up-tempo wah-intro as been done in several classic tracks but then; full force Iron Lamb is making its entrance, and which band does this make you think of? Exactly, Motörhead, Motörhead, and maybe a bit of Motörhead. Okay, we might add Nitrogods, The Bronx, and a bit of MC5 and Hellacopters to the points of reference. This is slightly exaggerated of course; certainly some other classic rock influences can be heard. One may discover shreds of Thin Lizzy (double) guitar lines, Saxon riffs and a Monster Magnet intermezzo in one of my favorite songs ‘Bound By Gravity’. Another track worth mentioning separately, is ‘The Iron And The Lamb’, with very catchy Kiss-like riffing and truly great lead guitars and solo’s. Also the other tracks are worth listening of course, certainly for listeners into solid, straight forward rock ‘n’ roll with balls.

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