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Funny Ugly Cute Karma - Before It Was Cool

Funny Ugly Cute Karma - Before It Was Cool

Label : M & O Music | Archive under nu metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Job : Funny Ugly Cute Karma is a duo from Paris, France that doesn’t take itself too seriously; I think the video below makes that ever so clear. Vocalist Chaos Heidi is at the helm and is supported by guitarist/bassist Dorian Gilbeau (who might’ve also programmed the drums and the additional keyboards). Musically, it’s mostly the raw nu-metal from Coal Chamber and Mudvayne with a light hint of Arch Enemy and Evanescence that gets mixed with the alternative metal from System of a Down.

There’s no real innovation to be found here. Where the band tries to be different, it tends to emulate SOAD and where it falls back in line, it never impresses (bar maybe the ‘Radio/Video’ cover, which takes the original and runs with it, adding chiptune and the like). A lot of what’s on ‘Before it Was Cool’ (I’m not even going to judge their naming skills) resembles the 90’s too much to really impress and while not everything has to impress to find an audience, I feel the take on “let’s just throw a lot of stuff together” doesn’t always cut it. I’m afraid that the intended System of a Down-revival will stay dead in the water.

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