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August Life - New Eternity

August Life - New Eternity

Label : Pt78 Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : August Life is the project of two heavyweights from the Dutch metal scene. We are dealing here with guitarist Gert Nijboer (Highway Chile, among others) and singer Bryan Ketelaars (Armageddon). The last months the two wrote songs together and recorded these instantly with a cartload of musical friends. 'New Eternity' is the album and the music will appeal to people who love modern metal from bands like Ayreon, but also people who love classical rock and metal from bands like Rainbow.

The album opens spectacularly with 'New Eternity' in which Nijboer immediately impresses with a great riff and a dexterous solo in the middle part of the track. Ketelaars certainly does not convince yet, but he takes revenge in the next two tracks ('Coming Home' and 'Draw The Line') in which the pace is lower and in which his voice is much better. 'Angels Of War' is an outright Dio / Black Sabbath-rip off but let's just say that it is better to steal well than to make up something bad yourself. 'Immortalized' is kept alive by wonderfully rolling double bass drums while 'Unstoppable Force' is a riddle song that is saved by a beautiful guitar solo by Nijboer. It is clear that the album clearly loses its power as the album progresses. Fortunately, the riff in 'Turn Back Time' is nice (and also in this is an unparalleled solo) and 'Dead End' breaks loose mechanically. The album ends with the acoustic 'Nevermore', a track in which the band wants to sound like Whitesnake but just does not succeed ... All in all a more than decent album of Dutch origin. The album is well recorded in the studio and with the help of Jack Nobelen (Horizon, Savage) and sounds really great. If the two manage to create something more of their own identity, then we have a gem.

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