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Amaranthe - Helix

Amaranthe - Helix

Label : Spinefarm | Archive under gothic metal

Release type: Full-length CD

William Pezy : In October 2016 I wrote a review for the album ‘Maximalism’, I was very positive about it but found out that later on that this positive vibe became less and less positive. I became filled with this undefined feeling that I was listening to a band that was trying to find out what direction to choose or that it was a band that was suffering from disagreements. Although the album contains enough beautiful songs, the contradictions are becoming clearer and clearer to me. Take a song like ‘Endlessly’ to me it deviates too much from the other songs too not result in this undefined feelings. Let me be clear that in my opinion it is by far the best song of the album. Whereas with an album like ‘Massive Addiction’ the firm metal parts are what make me most happy. Maybe in the future I might find answers. Is there an answer in knowing that Jake E left the band? If I may state that the foundation of Amaranthe is the combination of industrial metal sounds and singer Elize, how important is it to know that there is a new singer? It did not mess with the foundation of the band.

However…something really has changed. The music has become a bit more extreme considering the industrial sound and in the meantime it gives more space to add some extra melodies. Bringing more melodies seems a huge thing on this album especially when it comes to the vocal lines. The screams Henrik uses are still of the brutal kind but are also used more explicit to be able to put Elize in the position to treat us with more melodic vocal lines. New singer Nils shows himself as being a contributor to this theme. He is able to deliver very interesting duets with Elize and seems to take over her role in moments as being the clean, more melodic vocalist. It is surprising to witness moments where one would expect Elize to find out Nils is taking up the vocal part and to end with Elize using vocal lines that makes one think to hear musical vocal lines. She knows how to fit them with the brutal industrial wall of sound her colleagues produce. This makes this album stand out in comparison with the predecessor. It even makes me forget a song like ‘Endlessly’ at moments. The fact that this happens shows the strength of this album. Amaranthe is on the right track.

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