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Oh. - Metallia

Oh. - Metallia

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Leon : "What the hell did I just listen to", that was my reaction as soon as I finished listening to 'Metallia' by Olivia Hadjiioannou, better known by the name Oh .. The Greek multi-instrumentalist has done everything herself on this album, and that is quite an impressive achievement. She has, since she’s started writing music, released a number of musical works, including the EP 'Sleeping World' (2013), and the CD 'Synemotion' (2015). This year another EP, 'Metallia', will be added to the list. This last piece of work sounds completely different from all the other work that Oh. has released before, she clearly wanted to release an experimental album. Well she achieved this for sure, but I’m not sure if we should be happy with that. I'm going to try to describe how this album sounds: if you played songs of Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, and John Petrucci at the exact same time, and then also make sure that you're skipping some parts so now and then, you'll get pretty close to what ' Metallia' sounds like. Probably this is slightly exaggerated, but it sounds that chaotic to me (and that’s for someone who loves complex progressive metal). Perhaps I can better describe it as a work of art, some sort of Banksy painting that gets self-destroyed and whose value is then doubled because of it. It’s not exactly beautiful, many art connoisseurs will probably contradict me on this, but most people will probably be happier with a nice Rembrandt.

It’s going to be a very short review because I really did not like the album at all. The album is incredibly chaotic, it jumps from one place to another, there is no clear line in the songs, the background choirs (actually only singing ’'yeah', 'ah' or 'oh' loudly) get on my nerves, and the production of the album is really below average. That it's impressive that Oh. has created the entire album by herself, from the music to production, is indisputable, she can play guitar quite well, but it is to no point if it doesn’t sounds good. Her previous records were, in that respect, less unpleasant to listen to, with 'Metallia' I had to show a lot of perseverance to get through the entire album. This is really for a niche market where I certainly do not belong to.

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