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Malepeste / Dysylumn - Ce Qui Fut, Ce Qui Est, Ce Qui Sera

Malepeste / Dysylumn - Ce Qui Fut, Ce Qui Est, Ce Qui Sera

Label : Goathorned Productions | Archive under black metal

Release type: Split cd

Roel de Haan : ‘Ce Qui Fut, Ce Qui Est, Ce Qui Sera’ is a split album by two French black metal acts. One goes by the name Malepeste and the other by Dysylumn. Both offer four tracks to the listener and Malepeste starts off this split-album. These guys play eerie black metal, but in a unconventional way. Although there are some fast parts within their songs, Malepeste mostly operates rather slowly. In this way the dissonant riffs and almost chanting screams (which remind me of Nergal’s proclamations) create a ritualistic vibe and the occasional acoustic guitars rounds it up quite neatly. An interesting approach and certainly promising.

Then Dysylumn takes the stage. Dysylumn plays it slightly more straightforward, but could hardly be called on copying other acts. Also delving into typically French darkness, but is slightly more dynamic. Contrasts are present in larger amounts and the songs tend to be faster as well. With more of a death metal attitude Dysylumn’s music seems more akin to Temple Of Baal or Vorkreist, but never reaches those levels of aggression, speed or brutality. Dysylumn restrained hatred and bile keeps the music more mysterious and in a way more interesting.

‘Ce Qui Fut, Ce Qui Est, Ce Qui Sera’ is an interesting split by two bands that are clearly treading their own path and have enough potential to claw their ways out of the abyss of obscurity.

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