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Agrypnie - Grenzgænger

Agrypnie - Grenzgænger

Label : Supreme Chaos Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Roel de Haan : ‘Grenzgænger’ is the new album by the German progressive black metallers of Agrypnie. This fifth album sees Agrypnie going further in cementing their style. This style could be described as modern black metal with, progressive and post–metal elements and a great emotional charge. The songs tend to hover around the seven minute mark with a few even longer track as well. However, Agrypnie always incorporates enough variety into their songs. Raging blast-beats are effortlessly interchanged with more ambient parts, emotional leads or thrashy riffing. Meanwhile the unpolished screams give the songs a certain sadness, which I appreciate and somehow remind me of Lifelover and Fäulnis. ‘Grenzgænger’ is in no way a real turning point for Agrypnie, but the good news is that if you liked them before you won’t be disappointed with this album. Agrypnie simply continues to hone their craft.

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