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Absolution - Confessions Of The Iniquitous

Absolution - Confessions Of The Iniquitous

Label : CDN Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : Absolution is a British band that has a long history. Originally founded in 1992 by Paul Adams (ex-member of Benediction) there have been some minor releases, a break and a relaunch in 2012. Now there is their first full-length album 'Confessions Of The Iniquitous'. We are clearly dealing with a band that has a predilection for death metal from the nineties, think of the sound of Bolt Thrower and the aforementioned Benediction. Due to the frequent use of groove, the songs can even be called catchy, in a death metal way of course. Many songs are mid-tempo, with heavy riffs that are responsible for that nice and irresistible groove. The riffs are central to Absolution and you will not get them easily out of your mind, like 'Shallow Graves' or 'Infantile Starvation'. Absolution is a band that makes music that feels good, takes possession of you and your body and although they do not re-invent the wheel here it is certainly a relevant release in the current scene. Occasionally it is quite nice when you hear music that brings you back to the period in your life when you started to discover death metal and that through a band that seems to have been transported from that time as well. Even the production was taken from the nineties. It is also an album without any fillers but the album retains its nice groove throughout all the songs and the attention never flips. If the band wants to be more than a relic from the nineties, song technical there are things that needs to be done, but if they continue to write nice songs like 'Flames Of Fury', that is not really necessary for me.

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